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The History of MIX POTATO

In 2005 was born the Mix Potato, a dream envisioned by President Ademir Carvalho, who at the time was living in Votuporanga - SP, a city that had approximately 45,000 inhabitants at the time. Ademir, experienced professional in franchises area since 1999, always envisioned a mark on the food segment.


And from a recipe of a swiss potato, it found that an elite product of malls could take the streets and cities like no other product have done before. The beginning was very simple, in a kitchen in the back of his house, working only with delivery. But with the huge acceptance and continued growth of revenues made, him shortly open its first restaurant in Votuporanga, where the product became a big city hit and grossed more than R$ 60,000 per month.


Based on the great success of jis restaurant for five years, Ademir Carvalho formatted the brand to launch the franchise sales project.  The expansion project began in January 2011, and less than three years of hard work and dedication has resulted in staggering 170 contracts signed, present in 16 states of Brazil.


Why choose Mix Potato?

More than 300 tons of potatoes sold every month:
Fourth most consumed food in the world.

Greater variety of products in the franchise category:
No one offers more variety than us.

We use only top-tier brands and quality products.

Payback 10-24 months:
We are understandable with your initial investment.

Low investment and high profitability:
We have a investment option that fits in your pocket, and a monthly income of 20 to 35%.

The network continues to grow and is consolidade on the market:
More than 100 shops and present in 12 states plus the Federal District.


Net income on monthly turnover 20-35%
Average return between 12 and 24 months

According to the IFA (International Franchise Association) only 3% of franchised businesses close their doors in the first year. At the end of 10 years only 9% of franchises close, compared with 80% of small businesses that close after 10 years.

Our network continues to grow and is consolidated in the market.
Over 100 Shops and present in 12 states plus the Federal District of Brazil.

Restaurant and Delivery

Shopping Restaurant




R$ 121.952,00



R$ 117.610,00



R$ 98.343,00



R$ 91.732,00



R$ 85.943,00

Word from the PRESIDENT

"Our network values the quality since the beginning of their training. I was a franchise consultant to some major brands. I realized in these 13 years of experience, that Brazil needed a brand that offers a good franchisee support and opportunity to ensure a partnership where both sides were successful, and not just one.

My intention was to bring a product that was once elite, available only in malls, to the street. Our best sellers are the Swiss and English potatoes stuffed. The customer can also try the stuffed Brazilian manioc, special creation of Mix Potato ".

Ademir Carvalho

President - Mix Potato

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